Not all probiotics are equal. EquiOtic™ is the stand alone difference in the crowded direct fed microbial field. The horse's gastrointestinal health is a challenge, easily imbalanced by stress, disease, diet, environment, or training. EquiOtic™ polices the GI tract by regulating the surface bacteria with equine sourced Lactobacillus reuteri that is cultured from the horse for the horse. It has been shown to be effective in killing salmonella and other pathogens while keeping normal gut flora intact.

"Our horses recover and perform better than ever. My FEI horse keeps her energy through the entire show even on the hottest days." - Rebecca Knollman.  Learn more about Equiotic at www.equiotic.com

Great Wolf Lodge

A Perk for the Whole Pack! 
The Great Wolf Lodge, Mason, Ohio is proud to support Knollman Dressage.  Enjoy the horse life at Knollman Dressage then head off to our relaxing family fun lodge.  Pack the swimsuits to enjoy our colossal indoor waterparks, dazzying arcades, luxurious spa, fantastic restaurants and luxurious rooms...all under one roof.  Visit www.GreatWolf.com or call 800-913-9653 to make reservations.  Use corporate code: KNOL450A when prompted and get 10% off our best available rates and services in the spa.  
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